Thursday, 15 January 2009

How do they do it?

The net is something that never cease to amaze me.
Of course, I was born in times of black n' white TV, vinyl records and very corded phones.
Though I only started dealing with computers around 1997, when Sarita was a year old and smoking in international flights was not allowed anymore, so her dad decided not to bother to travel each year with us to the simple excue that a 14 hours flight no smoking could kill him....yeah, well, lets not talk about him right now.

So, back to computers and amazement: I do pretty well, some stuff taught by vey good friends, some learned by being curious and trial and error, in the beginning it was mainly to be connected with friends and family in all ends of the world... then the net became a place where I started to make friends...many of them who would later become *real life* friends, and very good ones.

I had a time in which I was very active in some chat rooms, I even got to be part of the crew who run the (yeah, I know, not everyone's cup o' tea but that's another story all together) I kept learning.
When I got fed up with the kinky people I decided to take a break from the net, though it wasn't the net people whom I was fed up with, really, more like the real flesh and blood ones, but, again, story for another time.

When I took to turn the computer on again after a whole year of only answering mail, it had to do with my first digital camera, a Kodak Easy Share, 4 megapixel camera that we got for free when we bought 1500 prints @ Kodak in the high st.
My friend Wokka was my carer at the time, and he was (well, I suppose still is) a great amateur photographer.
So with him I learned the tricks that got me very interested and started my first photoblog at

Fotothing was a very, very nice place to be for a while, started by a British guy small, with clear and very functional design, the general vibe was great, and I was getting amazing photographers, amateurs and profesionals likewise, being really nice and helpful. So everything was sweet and I kept learning.
But, as with ebery good thing in life, it had to come to an end....and this happened at the time when Fotothing was bought by some big people with lots of money and there were so many people by then, the vibe wasn't the same.
At that time Wokka went to Flickr, so I followed.
And all that time I kept looking for a place to start a blog, a diary online with the sole purpose to make a record for Sarita to have in the future, as I treasure the stuff my mum kept...I lost lots of pictures and stuff in general from my late teens, 20s and even my 30s, a bit due to my gipsy life, a bit due to the madness in which I lived then.....

But coming back to my intended point: the net never cease to amaze me.
In this particular case I'm more thinking about the multitude of people, women that work, manage a family and a home and still keep up with their blogs, their scrapbooking, their photos, and some of them even more than two social websites.
So I ask them:

How on earth do you do it?

I have more than enough time in my hands.
Yes, I know, my health is not 100% but still, some days I turn the computer on and the sole fact of answering mail properly takes me an hour, then if I want to do a Scrapblog that will take over an hour, same with my blog and that is not thinking of the days in which I have 200 photos to download....and I like working them in Photoshop...

How do you do it?
I have no idea.
And I have to say, most of these women are women to whom I take my hat off, great mothers, great profesionals, so we are not talking about your average woman on benefits here in the UK. Nope.

Anyway, this whole thought has been in my mind for ages, just sometimes it's less present, sometimes more. Like this week.
I have tried to get the thoughts in my mind in order to update my blog, with so many things happening regarding Sarita's edication mainly, some really good stufff I have read and some movies we watched and I'm thinking: does anyone in the US know if they are killing Derek in Grey's Anathomy?
Series 5 is starting next week on thursday here and by the adverts, it looks like he is dying...?
Oh, please let that NOT be....?
They have already killed Warrik (Gary Douran, the man of my wet dreams) in CSI..... (that's another thing I don't know why, oh why) I was so happy with the idea of Derek and Meredith with lots of offspring, in a candlewall house.....the producers better not kill the guy.

So, I was thinking on updating, then I get tangled in commenting in SB, making Scrapblogs (which are quiet good, even if it's myself praising myself) and then when I'm finished, not only is like 5am but all my thoughts and energy have deserted me...
One of the things that I would love to do more often would be the reading of my friend's blogs, I have learned lots and had a huge amount of emotions which had helped me through this past couple of years...
I will get around to write about our lives, I know that, but if any of you, wonder women out there could/would please (pretty please?) help us, tell us how do you do it.... I may be a happy bunny.

here is my fav SB from the last few...


Fly Girl said...

This is such a pretty scrapblog. I love the photographs of Sarita. She's growing up, just like Hannah! So pretty, with so much unique vivaciousness it seems!

I enjoyed reading your thoughts. I, too, am amazed on how women get everything done. I'm certainly not one of them. If I'm creating a scrapblog, something else is not getting done! And, nine times out of ten, it's something that should be getting done!

So glad you're with us over here now! It always makes my day when I see that you've added a new post. I monitor your blog on my blogroll, but somehow can't make myself a "follower" of you. Like you, technology gets the best of me sometimes. I can't remember what I do from one time to the next!

Hugs and best wishes!

Fly Girl said...

Figured it out! Just had to click on the link... duh!

McMGrad89 said...

I certainly don't get everything done. There ARE only so many hours in the day/week.Something is always going to have to suffer - usually housework or sleep, but I have so much fun in the digital world that I don't mind a little mess from time to time or a few circles under the eyes on a Saturday morning. Now my husband may not, but that is another story. :-)

McMGrad89 said...

Mrs. Peel :-)
To change your blog header, go to your dashboard, click "layout", look for your blog title and click "edit," upload an image that you have exported from Scrapblog. Click on the "instead of the title" button and save. You may have to play with the size of your SB jpg in photoshop. I purposely make my SB page a little shorter when I am creating it. I will send you the link to a private SB with sample headers tonight by email when I get home.

miruspeg said...

There are always lots of stories to tell Cynthia and you have made a good start here.
There is never enough time in the day to do everything.
My scrapblogging has suffered since I have been blogging. My house is very dusty, my fridge is often empty.
This year I will try to live a more balanced life and do everything in moderation....that is the plan anyway.

I enjoy reading your posts and they are a great record for Sarita to look back on in years to come.

Lots of love

Scrapaholic Sherry said...

I love your SBs Cynthia & yes, we all aren't as super as you think we are, at least, I'm not! Alot of things in my life gets put on the back burner for my obsession with my computer stuff! But, if I just set aside time for each & stick to it, I can get everything accomplished, sometimes! Hopefully, we can all figure how to manage everything all the time!
Take care & love ya!