Wednesday, 14 July 2010

Something about my passion for photography

I'm shutter happy, always have been.
Maybe because I couldn't walk up to the age of 5 (in case youjust stumble upon this and don't know me, I was born with a double hip dislocation and doctors insisted I wouldn't be able to walk, but my parents were the loving and stubborn kind: I had 9 operations up to the age of 8, and started walking aged 5, never stopped until the British NHS decided to give me a hip replacement in 2003, followed by other 4 operations which failed in fixing what they did in the first) but my passion for all things artsy, being that the visual or the performing arts started very, very early.
BUt we are talking pre-digital times (VERY pre digital!)
And thinking about photography as a career was something one couldn't do, unless money was flowing, which, though we were middle class, in my case was not really an option.
If you think about the money we spent in those days just to develop films...well...
But I got given a camera by one of my dad's brothers, who also gave me my first guitar, and taking photos was as important as breathing...though I lost LOTS of photos through my gipsy life, careless *friends* and my own irresponsibility, I still got the joy of my mum keeping some treasures.
Though my daughter was born before digital cameras were something one would have at hand, we documented her life pretty well, which took me into digi scrapping and where I am now...
I was so, so excited when I saw Liz's new was like made to don't be surprised if lots of pages start coming up with this just one of the most amazing kits I have seen in my years in digi-land.
Someone suggested I could start an *all about me* book with my LOs, and I may do just that.
Have a look at the Gotta Pixel gallery to see what the rest of the Sweeties have created, and have a look at Liz's store there too...she has always fascinated me with her kits (she is probably the one I should thank for me being where I am, as it was through a freebie of hers I arrived in the forums) because the material is so versatile that you can create amazing variety of is a quick peak at what the Sweeties have made.

you can get this kit HERE, there is also some AWESOME word art by just as awesome Danyale HERE, and a cool alpha HERE.

I'll be back soon!

Saturday, 10 July 2010

The Sweetest thing.....

...just happened to me this week.
Look at this:

this I made with the latest release by SweetDigiScraps by Liz, Set Adrift, available to buy now @ Gotta Pixel's store, just click HERE to buy
and then there is these

made with Get Your Eyes Checked, also by SweetDigiScraps by Liz, you can click HERE to get to the store again.

so yes, I have to confess I thought for a bit before answering this CT call, after all, the women already in this team are like the Da Vincis or Michelangelos of the scrap world to me... I was over the moon when I got the mail, which incidentally, I almost deleted, as it started like those *I'm gonna turn you down, sorry* email, kinda: *we have received so many wonderful galleries, we were overwhelmed* thing, so I had to read twice to be sure that the rest of the line was *and are pleased to tel, you yours was on the top ones, so we would like to extend the invite to join the team* .
I'm more than pleased.
So, it's celebrating time at the Taylor Girls household, Sarita won the competition of the local Big Dance event with the Dreams family (her after school dance group) even though they only heard it was a competition 15 minutes before performing, so we are both in celebration mood...

I also have the Alpha in the Victoria & Albert Museum LO to give away if you buy the kit, so, if you do buy it, message me @ Gotta Pixel and I will get it to you in no time :)
Now I promise to give some attention to all of your blogs, especially you Marit!!!!! tomorrow for sure :)

Monday, 5 July 2010

Discovering America

Hey guys..long time no see...
I don't seem to have much time to update my blog unless is to show you my CT work....well, lets say these are not the easiest of times, with my daughter growing into a young lady (14 years old, going on 24!) and despite the friendship and love....well, I was a teenager once (probably a lot more of a headache to my parents than she is to me) so I know I need to take one day at the time...only sometimes one does not have much energy to write things down....thank God for scrapping.

So, Karen has a new (wonderful!) kit available, and the kit touches one subject I always like making a point at: the American thing....because I am an American too, right?
I maybe from the South, but American nevertheless :)
So, here are the pages I made with it, some more coming up.
The kit is available now @ DigitalDesignDen and @ DigiScrapsDriveIn
There are super saving with the bundle & biggie bundle in both stores.
Be sure to go to her blog, not only to see the rest of the CT work (amazing!!!!!!!!!!) but also to get your freebie :)

I have some other good news, so I maybe posting soon, thanks for popping in and apologies for not having much time to go see your blogs, the ones of you who have teenagers I m sure will understand, but will catch up soon, thanks for your visit!