Wednesday, 23 December 2009

Almost there....

and still not quiet.
The year is gone.
I know it will be a next couple of very quiet days, at least here in the UK everything closes down for the holiday...and, though in one way I m feeling great and more than acomplished, on the other hand, there is a girl coming visit from Norway and the place is not ready to receive visitors...
I know everyone says it doesn't matter, but in the very core, it matters to me.
And here is where I feel my limitations, my disability.
On top of things this morning, don't know exactly why, maybe because I was distracted thinking I need to call my cousins in Argentina, I took 2 Tramadols too many.
I was sick for a bit, feeling better now, but still not wanting to get out of bed.
I feel that guilt of dirty, untidy house and the need for a shower, still I have no energy to get up.
What I want is to get rid of the guilt.
I know if I saw someone posting the same thing I would say sod the world, no guilt.
It isnt quiet the same with one's own life.
I'm just waiting for some photos to download.
I should probably be saying Merry Xmas and all that, but honestly, it doesn't feel like that now.
May come back later, probably, yup.

Saturday, 12 December 2009

The enjoyment of being Grateful....

...can be something to be grateful too.
I have learned in these past few years how many little things one seldom looks into are things to be grateful for, and though I know I am a bit lazy for writing lately, I am more than urged to Thank some (quiet a few actually) people for making my days (our days) brighter, happier, more enjoyable.

First of all, I should get on discovering when people post comments in this blog, as sometimes I only see them if I am looking for them...I promise I will also find out how to receive notifications on when my friends update their blogs....I want to be in yours as much as you are in mine (life , that is!)

Then I feel I should be naming some of the people who make the scrapbooking easier, being the ones who give their amazing talent away in form of freebies, the ones who share their pages with us (not necessarily designers I'm talking about here, but scrappers, ladies and gents who are so inspiring to me) or the ones (stores) who have regular sales @ Euros1, Euros1.50, U$1 or U$2... these are stores I keep coming back and making some important purchases. It make me feel better about taking their freebies, and it makes my scrapping so much beautiful....
I know that, if one has the time and patience, it is possible to scrap your life away without paying a penny, so I have to stop for a minute to Thank profusely Maria, the lady who runs Digifree.
Though my goal isn't taking everything for free (I have bought two programs also in the past couple of months!) it is great to have pages and pages of freebies to choose from, so Thanks Maria for the unique and amazing Digifree, and the designers who give so much amazing stuff away.

Now, there are some sites (often the blog trains) who make it a bit more complicated for people like YoursTrully (over 50, not born with a keyboard in my lap!)to get the goods....some of these sites even annoy me at times...but I have found just a couple of days ago something amazing in one of those (most annoying) sites...
I found a sale of U$1 kits from BelaGipsyDesigns in GottaPixel, another kit by MissErin and another kit called Pinch of This Dash of that, bought them and...guess what? I got a thank you email from each of the designers!
Even if this was an automated response, is a nice touch, and in checking the blogs I discover even more freebies....
Two of the kits are baking/cooking related, so you will be getting some recipes from us.

I cannot start thinking on names to Thank, so I will later make a list and make an official Christmas Thank You card to all these people, but one designer I very recently came across I need to mention right now....
This is a lady called KimB
I did not know she was a designer. I just kept seeing these more than amazing, inspiring pages popping in from time to time in ScrapbookMax and left comments accordingly....only to my surprise find in my inbox there a more than beautiful thank you note, with words so beautiful that made me feel like there is a point on communicating your feelings after all (one gets a bit on a downer side living in the Great Britain Empire, where people communicate better with their animals than their peers)

Not only did she write this beautiful words, but also left me a freebie of hers, with which I made some beautiful Christmas Cards, I ll see to post here if I have time left, but you may have seen them in my FB or even at ScrapbookMax.
This lady has pretty much the style I would love to achieve (imprinting my own signature, of course) so, if you like what I make, have a look at her site by clicking here , you'll be in for a treat.

As I said (many many times by now LOL) I am not terribly inspired to write, but I am producing a lot of pages on scrapping.

I finish today (phewwww!!!!) my Trancoso/Brasil album. If you aren't in my FB and want to have a peak, is here , though in ScrapbookMax the resolution doesn't show all that, is possible to see what I am aiming for.

I have also made (LOoooootS!!!) Christmas cards in both programs and also in Scrapblog, which is where my next step will happen as I am determined to carry on with Sarita's year books, and she finished the play she was in on Thursday, so lots of photos from there need scrapping too..

I will, I promise, come back with a list of these great people who make our time scrapping a wonderful one. check blogs and try being a bit more consistent with everything...but only to think about it I remember I need to empty my shed, sarita 's bedroom and.....oh well, you don't really wanna know.
Like Peggy well said: Life isn't always fair, you can get a splinter even sliding down the rainbow....
but splinters are not about to stop this girl who has taken more than one strong blow from falling of said you soon!

Monday, 7 December 2009

It is the dawning of .....

...the age of Aquarius?
nah, I was singing that when I was 14.
Now, something it's dowaning in my life.
Most great things, still with some fight (but of course!!!!!) but developments are in place.
I haven't been all that well to write, but will most definitely try to make an effort soon.

There are so many people I would love to write about but at this very moment I'm finishing a few projects.

I'm also making a resolution to keep up with a few people's blogs (yes, YOU! lol)
so, surely *see* you soon.

Now, last but not least, there is my review of the Serif Digital Scrapbooking Artist & DaisyTrail (their website) coming up, probably tomorrow because today...yes, you guessed right. I haven't slept.

What I can do right now is post some layouts so you can see what this *little* program can do...
(no child's play, I have to add...)

so here it goes: