Wednesday, 18 November 2009

Glad to have found.... many creative, nice,helpful people around lately, but there is one lady I reckon deserves a special mention...
Not only does she answer every question I have and has opened my eyes and called my attention to, for example, the world of fonts amongst many others, but she also shares her creative talent with us all:

Her name is Mary and she goes as mh51 in ScrapbookMax, she is also (rare to find, in this across the pond dominated world) in the UK, which makes me feel a special bond...
Her kits are absolutely wonderful, as are her layouts.
Go have a look and you will be as pleased as I am...I promise!

Here is a card I made with one of her wonderful kits:

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Mary said...

Oh I am sooooooooo touched... THANK YOU for your comments.