Friday, 4 March 2011


you can find us here:

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Tuesday, 1 March 2011

Moving On...

I havent written for months, I know, and having abandoned that, amongst other things, is one of my latest I will try keep some reciord as I used to. For many reasons, main being that my life now revolves around digital scrapbooking, I'm moving the blog to my other one here (as I could never access my WordPress for some strange reason) The blog is the one I used to blog in Portuguese, but as my brain is getting totally mushed lately, and I haven't even been able to write in English, and most *my people* now speak English...well, here is where you will find us from now on:

Scrappin La Vida Loca

hope to see you there ;)

Tuesday, 28 September 2010

The Brave Girls Club.... (and some great news!) this amazing website (well, it's a lit more than a website, but) that my friend Rebecca, originally from Scrapblog, set me one day whilst in the middle of the cancer fight.
I could spend hours explaining you what the Brave Girls Club is, but I will say only that you subscribe (it's free) and they will send you every day some thoughts, thoughts that, in my case, from day one seemed taylor made.
But I wont say much, just go check it yourself...the only thing I can say is that we are gonna save, and save, and save a bit more, but will get to go to the mothers & daughters camp. Oh my...all the way to Idaho! yup. So worth it.

It's 5am in London which just got cold, like in a click of fingers someone decided it was time,not to get those autumnally afternoons, but to dive into winter. I was going to sleep and then realised it wont be easy, I'm like super excited...why?

All the events of the past few weeks are difficult to write down at once, but one of the good things that happened, which in the beginning I thought not to be so good, was one of my favourite designers, Isabel Mendez (Crisdam Designs) asking me to make a page for her CT, then extending to be a permanent CT member and, shortly after that, offering me to help her by being her CT lead...which, as much as I wanted to help, scared me a bit...I mean...would I be able to do something like this? I'm not all that good with techie stuff, I m slow, I get confused at certain times of the day because of my medication....and then my Windows in Parallels crashed...I was more than ready to give up.

But, as it goes, life has something planned and in store for us many times...and this one it came in the form of the marvellous Trista, whom you may know better as Scrappyt. She wouldn't let me. So I couldn't give up. She came in to share the lead after I suggested she was a much better person than me to fill the position, but she wouldn't let me, she said she would do it, but with me.
We have now the final team and the guest until March. We have been sending invites and I'm sure I can hear some of this girls laughter and the good wasn't an easy selection, with so many people applying who are more than gifted, pure talent...
but we finally got to the final names :)I was amazingly pleased to see that both Isabel and Trista think in a way very similar to mine, and, let me tell you...this team will ROCK it!

I think (as do lots of others) that Isabel's creations are amazing.
And I think she deserve a place right on top.
I'm glad, happy, excited-insert many other positive adjectivs here- to be be part of this beautiful team of wonderful women.

I promise to go visit blogs soon...
Stay tuned for more news, freebies and sales ...and maybe a thought or two :)

here is my last pages with Isabel's awesome kits...(click in the kit's name to go shopping)
with What a Pear

with Booand Boo's Alphas

with Sew Izzy

with Expecting

Thursday, 23 September 2010

Between tiredness and dissapointments....

..are the girls who make me happy.
I haven't been all that well.Lots of stress plus some decision making that almost tore me apart.Not gonna go into it because it affect my condition heavily, and I just came out of hospital after the whole right side of my body got paralysed and ...well.
But there are some girlies out there who keep me smiling.They are the Gotta Pixel groupies. As I mentioned in the previous post, I'm working on new look, new blog energy and need to decide where to stay or where to go.

credits: top part of main background paper is from Tweenie 4, freebie collab a while ago @ Digital Crea, shape cut in the back with the yellow rays paper from Connie Prince's a Pocket Full of Sunshine, Clouds Julie Marie Day Dreamer(both here at GP) & Dunia's Mixed Emotions (DigiScrappersBrasil), trees from Loloden 's Have a Good Day and Chouk77's PopCity (again Digital Crea)
the road (bottom part of background), suitcases and road sign (I write the words) are from OnTheRoad, Holliewood Studios @ Deviant Scrap
arrow and bird also Holliewood Studios, Got your number kit,letters E & R from her random alpha,
Play tag and the bottom what a strange world I made with pieces of Oddly Odds and Ends, Crowabout @ Deviant Scraps
number 52 with Magazine Alpha, Boutique Cute Dolls @ DigiScrappersBrasil.
Bpdy & Head from TumbleFish's Studios Twinkle Toes kit.

Most peeps know my scrapping home is Gotta Pixel, and I wanted to thank the girls who look after me every day, who encourage my art (even if you are reading and are one who think scrapbooking isn't an art, trust me, Sir/Ma'am, it well bloody IS!). Few of these girls have a blog, few others don't, so I will link their galleries here, in case you would like to go see what they do. I need to have time to do these things, and I will do very soon.
There are big time changes going on in my life, both because of my condition is deteriorating and because my daughter has reached an age in which she is shaping out her personality, which still has a lot I like, but a few issues I don't. Struggle, struggle.
Story of my life.
I wanted to show something I made which is scrap photos of my little self, and finally use the stuff I bought a while ago at Deviant Scraps, mainly from Tumble Fish Studios (the reason I went into Deviant'sScraps and now I see she isn't there anymore?) Holliewood Studios and Crowabout, and the other page a collab from GeekChick and LaurenGreer, a store I'm not normally able to afford either but what the heck, one can forget about the financial break down of the world and spend a bit once in a while. (said peeps being generous means sometimes you have some coupons to aid in this!)
So, that was it.
I have to add that, the more I look at what's in my head, the more I want to try spare time and energy to attend Marit's courses,and the more I think about the Brave Girls Club retreat, especially taken it that Sarita was over the moon when I showed her the Mother and Daughter's camp, the more I think of giving up little bits and pieces and asking my family to collaborate (read send money) for us to go. But I'll keep you posted, in case you wanna know, that is.
Wonderfully Weird, collab GeekChic & Lauren Grier

Tuesday, 21 September 2010

News Update! and why I LOVE DSA2 by Serif

Star of a new season today..what are you starting? We are entering autumn here, but if I was *home* (the places where I grew up, as home is now pretty much here in London!) I would be starting spring...well, both beautiful season changes to have your camera ready and get, no worries there.
I know I haven't been very good at keeping up with my blog, and most definitely not good at keeping up with my friends :(
I need a whole refurbishment but, as many of you know, I had some major computer now I am trying to get organised and tidy up the *house*, so, expect some new look,new interesting competitions and freebies coming up, stayed tuned.

Before anything I feel I should thank a North American gentleman from the Serif Software forums, because without him nothing would have been possible. As many of you know, I'm not keen on PhotoShop or PhotoShop Elements, though I have PSE in my Mac, I find it great for photo treatment, for re sizing and stuff of the sort, but for my scrapping and designing? Well, that will be Digital Scrapbook Artist 2 by Serif, the very best program there is.

This amazing piece of software comes handy for under £30 (which means just under US$ 50, me thinks) which is slightly cheaper than PSE and...well...far, far easier to use.
DSA2 has a CutOut Studio which is an amazing tool that will allow you to extract just about anything from a photo with such presition is even scary....and a very good photo editing tool with all the filters my PSE6 has.
You struggle with shadows? well.. suffer no more, because DSA2 will give you the most professional looking shadows by just a twick of the mouse.
I could go on and on, but just look at my pages from October 2009 onwards and you will know.
Serif people are so proud and sure of the product they have created that they even give you a simpler, compact trial version for free. Of course full version will give you an assortment of tools you wont have in the compact, but I know the people I have shown this program to are totally amazed and needed no more than 5 minutes in the compact to go running to get the full that good.
There is also a website called Daisy Trail where you can post your creations without needing to resize, but, though the people over there are marvellous and I was welcomed wonderfully, I am loyal to my scrapping home at Gotta Pixel and have, am afraid, little time at the moment for much else than there and my other CT commitments...

Now, DSA is a program designed to work on PC's (Windows) and I'm on I have had my fair share of suffering to get it to work properly, and this is where the Serif Software Forums come in, and with it my saviour, this gentleman who posts there as webmasternapa, and to whom I owe the peace of mind of being able to run DSA to the best of the program's ability.
He has spent time making me a document (idiot proof too, taking into account my little knowledge of technicalities LOL) to re install my Parallels (the program which allows me to have a virtual PC in my Mac) and Windows, and then he also invested a lot of time with me online to make all work to precision... so, thanks so much, Brian, you give me back the trust in humanity :)

But I have to say that the kindness of these people doesn't limit to this one gentleman.
In the 11 months I have been going up and down trying to get the program to work well, I have received so much help from other users at this Serif Forums, I thought they were Serif employees...well, they are not.
These guys are simply people who love the software they use and love to share their knowledge with others and help..which is a rare thing these days....and if you think that, with me, they need to put up with complete technical ignorance...well, they are saints! LOL
There are a few whom i should name because it is because of them I am happily scrapping away, they are a wonderful girl who goes as mjh, and two gentleman Alfred & Peter.
There is someone who needs a very special mention and she is the one you will absolutely LOVE if you buy this program...because she will show you with her videos how to make things you have never thought possible...
her name is Melinda, she is in YouTube as lovemyzombie and once you have DSA2, she will become your most amazing companion and her voice will guide you through her mouse expertingly moving through the DSA tools in her videos.
Remember: you can do just about ANYTHING with this program.

I see I have gone from an update into a review...but without DSA I wouldn't have been able to do what I'm doing now. I had to make some adjustments in the teams I was in and stay with what I know I will be able to manage...
If you know me, you know I am not keen on people who are in gazillion CTs , no matter how great you matter how beautiful your pages will neglect the community side of things.
And to me, if you have no time for the other women who make possible that you would be in the CTs...well...your page become cold and have no more appeal to me.
As much as a great CT page made me go mad with a kit I never thought could be of any use for me and I didn't stop until I bought it (full price!), this other kind of CT member can put me of buying from a designer too.
So, I m just keeping to the very things I am able to deal with without neglecting my community participation.
I am guest for Captivated Visions & Connie Prince, both super designers, favourites of mine, for September, and I'm staying with SweetDigiScraps by Liz and Mye De Leon (another couple of amazingly creative women whom I'm devoted to) and I have now a huge responsibility as Isabel Mendez (Crisdam Designs) asked me to take the lead of her CT.

I know a lot of people out there are thinking I am inexperient to take on this role,but I believe there is nothing in this life that cannot be achieved if you have passion, love, dedication...all things I'm proud to say I have regarding Isabel and her designs.
But yes,in a way or another some of these people maybe rigt, that's why I called my friend Trista (whom you may know better as scrappyt)ha wonderful Texan girl, an artist who scraps from the heart like I do and we are helping Isabel with new look, new team, same marvellous designs that captured my love when I first came to Gotta Pixel and I'm sure you will love too.

We have a CT call at the moment, the deadline for applications is the 24th, so, if you had not seen the call before and would like to apply, you still have three days. The new team will be announced on the 30th :)
I will be refurbishing my blog too, as I had to move my personal blog to Word Press as the site where I blogged ( is closing down , still unsure what I will do with that....but my craft work will remain here and I will very soon give it a fresh look and update info :)
So, for the latest news on freebies go to my previous post, and you can visit Isabel's blog, and, of course, the Gotta Pixel Store for goodies!!! Today is Pixel Tuesday at GP, be sure to go get yourself some treats!!!

Here is the CT Call instructions and there is also a post I made HERE @ Gotta Pixel, explaining a bit better who are we looking for. We have already received amazing applications and are very, very excited!!!
See you soon and, HappyTuesday!!!!

Friday, 17 September 2010

Creative Sweeties Blog Train!(and freebies galore!)

Hello hellooo, hope you are starting the weekend happily. First, let me show you what I did with SweetDigiScraps newest release,Miss Merry Sunshine,this will be available in a few hours (time differences) at the Gotta Pixel store. I also used the Happy Stickers by SweetDigiScraps by Danyale

So, here we are....
Maybe you come from another stop, maybe you just stumbled upon this blog, so, let me tell you a bit about us:

We are the Creative Team for one of the most amazing designers of the whole digi scrapping world, Liz Hutchison,who runs SweetDigiScraps by Liz and Gotta Pixel, which is my scrapping home.
Our CT is full of talented girls, starting by our lead who also makes some of the most amazing Word Arts and extras (like clusters, borders, some amazing work) which you will find in Liz's store but as SweetDigiScraps by Danyale.
Then comes the Sweeties.
These women are people I admire and love, extremely talented girls, and we have some marvellous guests at the moment too, so we all have teamed up to give you a little (big!) present with this Blog Train...
If you are coming from another stop, you have seen how amazing these girls are, so grab my bit and carry on, we made them with love for you to enjoy.
If you just arrived here, go to the previous stops as well as the following ones, you wont regret it :)

My bit of the train is a cluster frame I made with Liz' kit Precious.
The LO I made with the kit was (is) very special to me because I made it for my friend Lu in Brazil, who just had her baby girl Valentina (we call her Nina) as a present as I couldn't be there for the arrival.Here is the LO I did with the kit:

The kit is great for all those precious little ones,but it's fun, fresh colors make it not only great for girls of all ages,with beautiful flowers and flourishes to help accent your memories, but also the colors are so wonderfully great for any other themes, as it is not a totally pink kit, can be used for boys too, nature or 365 Project are also some of the themes I have scrapped using it.
Created at 300 dpi and 12 inch print quality (as are all other Liz' and Gotta Pixel Products) it'll help you make some of the most amazing pages...I know it did with me :)
Here is the kit preview, click HERE to go to the store
Precious, SweetDigiScraps by Liz,

Precious Word Art & extras, SweetDigiScraps by Danyale click HERE to go to the store

and finally, here is my freebie for you

you can download it HERE
the link may come up with and advert, which has a link underneath, just click there and it will download from Media Fire :)
Here are the stops for this wonderful Blog Train:
The Sweeties:
Team Blog:
Cynthia: You Are HERE!!!!!
and, if you make something, we would be delighted to see it over at SDS's gallery at Gotta Pixel...if you are not one of us...what are you waiting for to join us?
see you there!
(and soon back here with some really, really more great news (and freebies!)

Would you like some freebies?

...I thought so....well...
keep an eye, stay tune, come back tomorrow for a freebie of mine and lots more at the Blog Train from andCreative Sweeties Team the Wonderfully Sweet Guests.
SweetDigiScraps by Liz's girls (myself included) got to work for some freebie galore which you will be able to enjoy tomorrow (18/09/2010)
I have seen what these girls have in store...and, trust me, you wont want to miss it!!!
I ll give you a sample by showing you some of the LOs I made with kits created by Liz that were used to make the, come back tomorrow to jump in the wagon!!!!
Secret Crush, SweetDigiScraps by Liz

Precious, SweetDigiScraps by Liz

Silbling Love, SweetDigiScraps by Liz

Thrifty, SweetDigiScraps by Liz

Get Your Eyes Checked, SweetDigiScraps by Liz

see you tomorrow then!