Wednesday, 3 December 2008

Defining Happiness..... something I have been constantly doing in the past couple of years.
I know I have come a long way in the 5 years since I went into an operating theatre with the (alleged) promise of a maximum 4 month recovery time and the going back to full time work, get my mobility back and then things turning souer....
I know I became a not very nice person at certain point, but I also know I was clear enough in thought to, at the very worse point of all, reach out for proffessional help.
But if I am to be totally honest, to myself and others, it was not the proffesional help alone which helped the most, as a matter of fact I can say today that it has been a simple sum of people, places, events and self critisism that got me to where I am right now, perhaps not the best of general state of mind and body, but a long, long way from the abism in which I fell after january 2003.

And it isn't because is the end of the year that I am getting these thoughts together (though one does to do so, with new year's resolutions that tend to collapse on the way), but because of something someone said today, on hearing me give Sarita a full lecture in why I would not buy her a Nintendo DS for Christmas.
And this someone, who has a daughter a year older than my child, said to me:
*Is like you are explaining to her what happiness is, like assesing that every moment can be a present if you know how to look at them...*
Well, yes.
There was also the message I got from a very dear online friend of mine, Musicjan from Scrapblog who is also a friend in Facebook now and who takes the time to come and read my posts in here...
After my DIY post, she commented on how beautiful my relationship with my daughter is, and how we should treasure something like this. *I m not saying this because of me and my daughter, she said, but because of the knowledge of so many others who do not enjoy this treasure we have*
And yes to this too.
I do know, I am 100% aware that I am lucky to be able to share, enjoy and work together my daughter.
I also keep making a point of this to her, and how lucky we are in many aspects of life.
I am, like most parents in this frantic world of ours, against a huge competitor in society.
I have been able to resist the video game thing for now...what? 5, 6 years?
And still, this year I can't, for some reason, sake a bit of a guilty feeling about stubornly saying no.
It isn't like she doesnt play games, she does. Most of her time online is spent either in messenger or some game site (though I have to admit that, to my relief, she plays dressing up dolls...)

Anyway, is already almost 4 am in London and here I am again, loosing the thread of my thoughts and what I intended to say is probably lost in the first few sentences.....
Never mind.
We have been in doors all weekend, Sarita has not been at school as she is ill with a bad cold, sore throat and what I suspect could be a chest infection, in this mean winter that does not invite to open windows....let alone get outside.

But, in discovering the good side of things, this time we came up with something great.

If you are the type of person who respects copy rights a lot, enjoys giving lots of money to the wring people (name them the enterteinment industry) stop reading now or forever hold your silence.

We watched some great movies online: no downloading,no paying, quiet good quality....which saves me the money for the energy bills I will have for this winter, taking that our place is colder now, after a council refurbishment of the buildings and the (alleged) double glazed windows, than we were before, with those good'ol' wooden made in the 50s...

So: Because I said so
The Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants
and Wall E
saved us quiet a lot, plus the delightful August Rush, a film I did not know exist until another one of my beautiful Scrapblog friends, Roban, posted this:

Roban's August Rush
now, with this film, I had an intense online search, and unless I was to download the full movie, I could not find a way to watch it... I decided against the download, after talks with another one of these people who seem to be strategically placed in my path by some benevolent force, who had been giving me not only help with my beloved iMac, but also some serious and valuable lessons, my friend White Roses from Vox.

I was going to buy it, after all, one can avoid buying it for £15 these days as Amazon has copies for a fiver (£5) , but then another luminous idea came to me: if I was able to place requests for the Wicked and Son of a Witch books...if they had PS: I Love you in DVD just a few weeks after it came out in the shops.... (and we stupidilly paid £3.95 to Virgin to watch it on cable on demand before seeing it there) why not the local Library?
Ahhh the advantages of a mechanical world: I logged in with my library card, typed the words and Presto!
Today we went out for a brief (if still very, very cold) shopping trip and picking up one of the twins at the nursery (the other one is, yup, with a cold) and as we got the letter notifiying us the DVD was ready to collect, we enjoyed it in our flat screen TV. (and, yes, yes, I cried.)

So, back to this happiness thing: I am now convinced (and almost convinced Sarita, though I'm not sure how much of her asssurance is just to shut me up, with her being an almost teenager and all) that this Happiness thing is not something to achieve in the end of the road, but some of the moments, events, experiences that make that road.
We only need the ability to see them, therefore enjoy them to the fullest.

And I can even say I am looking forward to this Christmas, so, yes, I have come a long way, even if only thinking from last year to this one.....
I proposed to Sarita that, in lieu of the Nintendo Ds (the offer she wants is £114.99), we put together Xmas and her birthday's (in febrary) presents, and have a week somewhere in Europe, as she so much wants to go to Greece or Turkey....
Am I wrong on this one?
I know most of you guys are high tech and see no harm in surrounding your kids with all kind of virtual toys....and I don't think you are wrong, no, it is just that I see her loosing interest in lots of things she would enjoy, turning into another one of the herd....and I so, so much value and prioratize individuals....
I have had some chats with her lately which should turn into another post, about how she feels weird because most of her friends know what they want to do in college and she, at this point, doesn't....
Anyway, (again!) I'm loosing the plot.

I'm still reading about Ken's (Russell) phallic deliriums in film, (material for another entire chapter), so, if anyone knows if The Devils is available online, let me know, please :) The Birtish TV had this week a program about the 60's called Sex, Drugs and Rick and Roll, and the advert was that, if you remember the 60s, you weren't really there....and this being so true, I'm sure, especially now that I speak English, the film will have a whole new meaning for me....

I promise also all my neighbors and friends that I will make some time to catch up with your blogs and you, all the beautiful people of my online world, are one of the big time key elements in my having a much better time in life.
I think of many of you very often, see you in characters on TV, books and all have made my world a much better one.


McMGrad89 said...

I was (am) right with you on the DS, but husband is a gamer - much to my chagrin. He came home with a Gameboy a couple of years ago and then I said...That's it! Well, last year he came with a DS. My suspicions were confirmed, Caitlin's Aspergerian personality caused her to become obsessed with video games. (Children with Asperger's become hyperfocused on one subject.) It became so bad that when her purse got stolen last week she had her game in it which is forbidden to take to school. Additionally, she was not upset about the cost of the game being the big loss, but the fact that she had reached a very high score/level and that she would have to start all over. I counted it a blessing that the game was gone, but my mom went ahead (as a grandma) and bought Caitlin another one for Christmas. Blah!

Fly Girl said...

I'm so glad you liked "August Rush." I had a new comment on it at the scrapblog site, and when I went to read it, I decided to play all the little videos in the background as I respond to you.

It's funny about the similarities between us. When Hannah gets on the computer to play a game, she gets on the dress-up sites like Sarita does! What's worse, if I see her on one of the dress-up sites, I want to play, too! We keep saying, "my turn..." "No, my turn."

Hannah did get a Nintendo DS a couple of years ago. She plays it some (also has a designer dress-up/model kind of game for it), but she has never been a huge video game fan. She loses interest in them quickly. The fact that she doesn't play with it often is good (like you, I don't want her glued to a video game all the time), and bad because why buy something if you're not going to use it much.

I think a trip for you and Sarita would be a wonderful alternative! To be so close to Greece and to have that beautiful and historic country as an affordable vacation destination would be an amazing trip to share. She might wish for the DS now, but in the future, she will look back and appreciate your trip together probably much more.

It sounds like she's a lucky girl to have you as a mom!

When you wrote in your post... "And this someone, who has a daughter a year older than my child, said to me:
*Is like you are explaining to her what happiness is, like assesing that every moment can be a present if you know how to look at them...* it reminded me of the first post I ever made to my blog. It's a poem about "moments in time." If you're up to (somewhat) bad poetry, scroll down to my oldest post. It kind of says what we're talking about.

Much love... Take care of yourself and enjoy these moments in time you share with Sarita and your many, many friends!


miruspeg said...

My dear Cynthia
Thanks for sharing your wonderful thoughts.
I love how you wear your heart on your sleeve, that is why you are such a special person.

I haven't seen August Rush but will definitely get it out on DVD.

I will call you on the phone before Christmas as it has been a while since we have talked.

Please give Sarita my love and tell her I want to talk to her on the phone as well.