Monday, 7 December 2009

It is the dawning of .....

...the age of Aquarius?
nah, I was singing that when I was 14.
Now, something it's dowaning in my life.
Most great things, still with some fight (but of course!!!!!) but developments are in place.
I haven't been all that well to write, but will most definitely try to make an effort soon.

There are so many people I would love to write about but at this very moment I'm finishing a few projects.

I'm also making a resolution to keep up with a few people's blogs (yes, YOU! lol)
so, surely *see* you soon.

Now, last but not least, there is my review of the Serif Digital Scrapbooking Artist & DaisyTrail (their website) coming up, probably tomorrow because today...yes, you guessed right. I haven't slept.

What I can do right now is post some layouts so you can see what this *little* program can do...
(no child's play, I have to add...)

so here it goes:


miruspeg said...

I love that song Cynthia. It takes me back to THOSE days!!! LOL

Love these layouts and photos, you could easily teach digital scrapbooking....maybe you should give it some thought and set up your own business.

Peggy xxxxx

McMGrad89 said...

I too used to sing that song at the top of my lungs, not really knowing what it was about until much later in life, but lovely nonetheless. I love the layouts and can't wait to see more.

Roban said...

These pages are wonderfully creative! YOU are a creative force... talented and imaginative!

When I have a little more time, I would love to try some new things.... Time. Why is there never enough of it?


MrsPeel said...

Girls, thanks so much for popping in...I should get discovering how to know when people post comments here, as also discover how to know when you update your blogs...I'm lazy in that sense, I know :(

Well, for those who love the Hiar thing like us, I m hapy to be able to announce that the Cameron Mackintosh company here in Lodnon is staging Hair again from April, Peggy, if you are coming to London, as soon as you have dates, you tell me, you will be my guest, Sarita and I will take you to see the musical :)
(the sooner you know, the better, as they are booking already, so we can get good seats!)

Thanks again!!!

miruspeg said...

Oh Cynthia I would love to see Hair. What a wonderful trip down memory lane that would be.
I will be in London sometime in August but haven't got an exact date yet.
I would like to "shout" both you and Sarita as I still have lots of pounds left over from when I was there in 2008. Lets say it is in exchange for food and board. OK!
Peggy xxx