Wednesday, 23 December 2009

Almost there....

and still not quiet.
The year is gone.
I know it will be a next couple of very quiet days, at least here in the UK everything closes down for the holiday...and, though in one way I m feeling great and more than acomplished, on the other hand, there is a girl coming visit from Norway and the place is not ready to receive visitors...
I know everyone says it doesn't matter, but in the very core, it matters to me.
And here is where I feel my limitations, my disability.
On top of things this morning, don't know exactly why, maybe because I was distracted thinking I need to call my cousins in Argentina, I took 2 Tramadols too many.
I was sick for a bit, feeling better now, but still not wanting to get out of bed.
I feel that guilt of dirty, untidy house and the need for a shower, still I have no energy to get up.
What I want is to get rid of the guilt.
I know if I saw someone posting the same thing I would say sod the world, no guilt.
It isnt quiet the same with one's own life.
I'm just waiting for some photos to download.
I should probably be saying Merry Xmas and all that, but honestly, it doesn't feel like that now.
May come back later, probably, yup.


Roban said...

You know, Cynthia, it really doesn't matter about the house.... Your friend is coming to see YOU, not how clean your house is! YOU!

In the past, I could wait until the night before a party to clean my house from top to bottom. I still wait like that, but I've realized recently that I can't get it all done like I used to.

Hugs and blessings.... I hope you feel better soon.

miruspeg said...

I agree with you Cynthia, it is so easy to give advice and encouragement but we have to live with our own guilt and limitations and sometimes they suck!!!

I hope you accomplish to your satisfaction all you need to achieve before your vistor arrives....where there is a will there is a way.

Really looking forward to seeing you again in 2010 on my way home from the USA and I hope the house is tidy.....LOL.

Big hugs
Peggy xxx

McMGrad89 said...

Well, my house is rarely tidy and I usually find myself running around like a maniac to get it ready for people. There are only two people I never worried about one of them was my dad. I knew they would still love me - mess and all.

We love you regardless, but get up and take a shower...As my husband always told me and I always balked at...It will make you feel better. When I finally conceded, he was always right. (I hate that.)