Tuesday, 27 April 2010

From Russia to Brazil.....

...everybody is scrapping.So am I:

Credits: kit Free Day by Malacima Designs

I haven't been having a particularly good time health wise,but gotta take things one day at the time, right?
I have been keeping busy though, as the scrapping in probably the best therapy, and luckily 2 of my favorite designers are having stores worth having a look.
One of them, Lilian, aka Malacima,is someone I have had the honor to do some CT work for, and one of the most original designers around.
You can access her store by clicking HERE, and here is HER BLOG.

Credits: kit Mother,my big Love by Giane Designs

And from Brazil and very, very much on sale comes Giane No Mundo do Scrapbook (Giane in the World of Scrapbook).
She had a break for a while but is back to creating with all her might.
You can check her stores HERE and also HERE , and for those of you who can read Portuguese here is HER BLOG
I will be updating soon, because honestly my general health state at the moment is not the best, and the energy required to write refuses to come together.
but taking one day at the time...I ll get there :)


McMGrad89 said...

I LOVE PURPLE! Sorry for shouting. LOL

Anonymous said...

Sending good vibes your way my dear... hope you feel better soon! LOVE the layouts and wow, is your daughter the prettiest!!!

Anonymous said...

You got a "happy award" from me dear! It's on my blog, come and pick it up (and I hope I can send some more visitors your way... you sure deserve it!)