Saturday, 10 April 2010

Some things are designed to make you happy.... achieving things like these, let me show you and then I tell you the story :)

Remember how lucky I was feeling and how happy when I met, just before Christmas Karen from SnikerdoodleDesigns and she invited me to be part of her CT?
Well, I am now (and in one way or another again, I have Karen to thank) creating for 7hump3rs Designs too.
Long story, but these people are like a lil ray of sunshine in the grey skies (hopefully not for long) of London...
These first couple of LOs I made with her new kit, coming soon, so keep an eye on her store @ DigiScrapsDriveIn, as the kits is totally cute!!! have a look at these now and I tell you a bit more....

These two I made with the All Sass kit, and as I was posting a description when in the DSDO galleries I realized I was in fact posting about how I made the LO...sooo.... if you are new to digital scrapping and would like some guidance, a bit of ideas or just some technical questions, for these you can see it explained at the galleries HERE, but if interested I can start posting the tutorials here.

These two were done with a kit called Cute Little You, and funnily enough, Sarita and I had our eyes set for this kit, as all her nicknames online have to do with Dinosaurs and she wanted an avatar or two...that's why these are slightly different, are these just the cutest dinos or what?

So, in other words: I am creating away, happy and surrounded by the most beautiful people (not surprisingly the girl from 7hump3rs are Australians!) and, as a plus, I got the call from the secretary of that private doctor I went to see after all that hospital/breast cancer fiasco, she gave me an appointment for next week, meaning he is keeping his word...
Now the only thing is left (well, for the time being at least!) is get Sarita to finish with her bedroom so we can paint...summer is almost there, after all,and they say is gonna be hot... I would like that to happen, very, very much.

On the other hand, there is something that is saddening my happiness, and I am gonna ask now here for all of your prayers/good vibes/thoughts, spiritual strength for the people of the State of Rio de Janeiro in Brazil, who are suffering from severe flooding that has taken, at the last count last night, 184 lives....and it isn't only the disadvantaged who are suffering..lots of people who live hill side are at risk, with many having lost everything..
Thank you so much, and see you soon!


Anonymous said...

I'm so happy to see you create away, and having fun! LOVE the dino-layouts... too cute! (Oh, and you left a comment the other day at my blog that you would e-mail/ask me something. I haven't seen a question yet. Did you forgot or are you afraid of me? Don't be, I'm a nice gal and you can always shoot me a mail dear!

miruspeg said...

The kits are fabulous Cynthia and I love how you are meeting more Aussies!

Glad to hear the doctor kept his word, about time some luck came your way.

And of course I will send tons of love and light to the people of the State of Rio de Janeiro in Brazil. So sorry to hear about another disaster. :(

Big hug always
Peggy xxxx

Anonymous said...

So good to see you feeling well enough to be back at the proverbial drawing board playing and creating such delightful scrapbook pages. I particularly love the tea-colored LO with the birdie and right hand text column. It'd make a terrific blog template background. I don't know what others have done with the kits you use, but you seem to have quite a talent for making them uniquely your own. The ones in this post in particular are just so happy and fun.

Have you ever thought about either opening a little tea party shop for mothers and daughters where you could also conduct scrapbook workshops or offer such a service for kids birthday parties or ladies get-togethers (where they'd hire you in as the "entertainment" meaning you'd not only have no overhead of a shop but also wouldn't have to be responsible for the party itself)? Just an idea.


Everyday Mom Ideas said...

I love what you did with the "charlie loves easter" page. Super cute. And thanks for getting the english url to me :)

daisydilly (vicki) said...

Found your blog and love the LOs. I'll add you to my faves list so I can keep up with you.


McMGrad89 said...

You are doing wonderful things. I love hearing how upbeat you are feeling.

In other areas, the people of Rio are not far from my heart.

MrsPeel said...

thanks girls, you are awesome, appreciate the visits and time to leave some love, also, you are all a HUGE inspiration for me.....