Thursday, 23 September 2010

Between tiredness and dissapointments....

..are the girls who make me happy.
I haven't been all that well.Lots of stress plus some decision making that almost tore me apart.Not gonna go into it because it affect my condition heavily, and I just came out of hospital after the whole right side of my body got paralysed and ...well.
But there are some girlies out there who keep me smiling.They are the Gotta Pixel groupies. As I mentioned in the previous post, I'm working on new look, new blog energy and need to decide where to stay or where to go.

credits: top part of main background paper is from Tweenie 4, freebie collab a while ago @ Digital Crea, shape cut in the back with the yellow rays paper from Connie Prince's a Pocket Full of Sunshine, Clouds Julie Marie Day Dreamer(both here at GP) & Dunia's Mixed Emotions (DigiScrappersBrasil), trees from Loloden 's Have a Good Day and Chouk77's PopCity (again Digital Crea)
the road (bottom part of background), suitcases and road sign (I write the words) are from OnTheRoad, Holliewood Studios @ Deviant Scrap
arrow and bird also Holliewood Studios, Got your number kit,letters E & R from her random alpha,
Play tag and the bottom what a strange world I made with pieces of Oddly Odds and Ends, Crowabout @ Deviant Scraps
number 52 with Magazine Alpha, Boutique Cute Dolls @ DigiScrappersBrasil.
Bpdy & Head from TumbleFish's Studios Twinkle Toes kit.

Most peeps know my scrapping home is Gotta Pixel, and I wanted to thank the girls who look after me every day, who encourage my art (even if you are reading and are one who think scrapbooking isn't an art, trust me, Sir/Ma'am, it well bloody IS!). Few of these girls have a blog, few others don't, so I will link their galleries here, in case you would like to go see what they do. I need to have time to do these things, and I will do very soon.
There are big time changes going on in my life, both because of my condition is deteriorating and because my daughter has reached an age in which she is shaping out her personality, which still has a lot I like, but a few issues I don't. Struggle, struggle.
Story of my life.
I wanted to show something I made which is scrap photos of my little self, and finally use the stuff I bought a while ago at Deviant Scraps, mainly from Tumble Fish Studios (the reason I went into Deviant'sScraps and now I see she isn't there anymore?) Holliewood Studios and Crowabout, and the other page a collab from GeekChick and LaurenGreer, a store I'm not normally able to afford either but what the heck, one can forget about the financial break down of the world and spend a bit once in a while. (said peeps being generous means sometimes you have some coupons to aid in this!)
So, that was it.
I have to add that, the more I look at what's in my head, the more I want to try spare time and energy to attend Marit's courses,and the more I think about the Brave Girls Club retreat, especially taken it that Sarita was over the moon when I showed her the Mother and Daughter's camp, the more I think of giving up little bits and pieces and asking my family to collaborate (read send money) for us to go. But I'll keep you posted, in case you wanna know, that is.
Wonderfully Weird, collab GeekChic & Lauren Grier


NancyB said...

Hello there! What a nice surprise to have mentioned lil ol me in your blog post! Thank you so much! I love what you do girl and I will definately add you to my blogroll! Hang in there and keep up the wonderful art! Hugs for you! xoxo NancyB

Tumble Fish Studio said...

Oh, I'm sorry to hear you are not feeling great. Sounds serious and I sincerely hope you get better soon.

This is a wonderful piece! Just wanted you to know, I'm selling images in my Etsy now. DeviantScrap is a wonderful place but it was just too big a market and too fast paced for me. Anyway, just thought you might like to know.

Wishing you a great week and lots of good vibes.