Saturday, 22 November 2008

anger management...

...when I can't get the computer to do wat I want it to do.
why is technology something so simple at times, so ennerving at others?
note to selfsuccesfully saved the Scrapblog button + the slide show
now I can't find the customize button no more?


Fly Girl said...

Hi Cynthia,

I'm so glad you're visiting us at the google blog site! I haven't signed up for the Vox account, and I was thinking I had to do that before I could comment, so I'm happy I can visit there and maybe comment here??

I'm like you when it comes to technology. When it's working, wonderful! When it's not... grrrr! I was trying to reconnect the thingy so our wireless laptops can access the net, but we had misplaced the password! Always something it seems....

Thanks for commenting about the "grace" posting and the photograph.

Oh, and I like how, in your other post, you explained that you can't simply call us "Americans." I never thought about it from your point of view. I certainly don't mind being a "North" American to you, even though I am located in the South of North America! I guess that makes me a Southern North American. (We're the ones who say "ya'll" when we're talking to more than one person!)

Have a happy day and weekend. I hope you enjoyed your class.... I'm trying to motivate myself to start a master's degree program. It would make a nice difference in my pay if I would get this done.

Tell Sarita hello!

McMGrad89 said...

Yesterday must have been "universal technology meltdown day." I had the worst time getting my wireless to connect at school. I ended up taking it to my campus tech who had to enter some 26 letter password....Whoever heard of such a thing!?

thanks for commenting on my blog and confirming the intensity of my morning workouts :-)

You leave the kindest comments.