Monday, 10 November 2008

Books to read....

...I have most of my time in London got from library.
That is until I found, started blogging there, an adopted Londoner in the midst of an ocean of North Americans.....and in here you ll have to excuse me, but as I am a South American, I can not, with all the love I have for you guys and your country (whihc Sarita keep telling me is the right one to be...), call you simply *Americans*.

But anyway, back to the point: I met these amazing people and, after reading page after page of a few of them, I realized they were publishing a book.
So I, who have had this policy of not spending money in something you can get for free, got online and bought them. Two of them.
And that's the reason I'm here right now.
These two people, in different coasts of the USA, one a woman, the other a man, different as different can be, yet, so alike in the point of bringing some beautiful emotions to your heart and mind, these two have conquer my heart with their books.

So I thought I tell you, who are my Friends from other areas of my computer, still in the same country as these two.... it would be a shame if you missed these books.
So, here they are:

Harlot's Sauce , by Patricia Volonakis Davis ; 
and Snapshots from St. Arbucks, by R.G. Ryan.

I'm sure you ll find reviews around, and they all are great.
I need to get on with my college work right now as tomorrow I have a class, but I couldn't go without posting this....
Hope you get them and enjoy them as much as I did :)

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Fly Girl said...

Hi Cynthia,

I've got to read these books! I love to read, but I have to space books out far and wide during the school year because once I begin a book, I don't want to put it down... to eat, to sleep, to wash dishes, etc.!

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