Tuesday, 10 February 2009

Another sleepless night....

...oh well, maybe not totally sleepless but lacking enough for my eyes to be closing heavily now, 20.20 hs.
And this time the cause was a kind of anger, a bit of an impotence feeling.
My internet kept falling of line last night (well, this morning) so, like a good girl that I am and having learned the basics along the years, I restarted the computer.
First time, it did it, only to last just under 20 minutes, second time lasted 10 minutes, third time I unplugged everything, waited then turne it all back on: no net this time.
I gave up at 4am after loosing 4 pages of work.

I'm now literally, truthfully falling asleep sitting don, have to admit I came here on the hope that it would keep me awake, but I'm failing..
Waking up at 6.45 to see Sarita of to school, I tried again after she left... it lasted probably 15 minutes and nothing else on reboot.
So I called my ISP...long story short:
we changed the channel and it worked, but the (lots) bite in the middle was upsetting.
I always wondered why people who detest people work in Customer `service.
Now I'm gonna go to sleep.
I was tagged by Lucy (AlohaBailey) on Sb, and was very reluctant at first, I had been tagged in Facebook by zillions of friends, and we all know Facebook is an uncomprehensible jungle to me, with all the poking and request which I will never, ever get myself sorted to understand...but on a second thought, this girl is nice, quiet adventurous and I thought it could be fun....
So I did it...

now I'm gonna try to drag my child from the TV and go to sleep: a total record, going to bed at 9pm!!!
the letters move in front of my eyes, thank Goodness for spell checking!!!!


Fly Girl said...

Hi there! I had to go read this over at scrapblog, so I could get the full effect (and actually be able to read it!)... My eyes are not what they used to be!

Quite fun to get to know you better. Was your stage work your career or did you do that on your own time?

I was in a play during my 20s and took a couple of acting classes in college. Thoroughly loved it! Would enjoy acting in community theatre if time wasn't a problem. If you have photos or playbills from your stage days, they would make a great Scrapblog... don't you think?


P.S. I hope you get some sleep! From what I hear, it's definitely a good thing!

McMGrad89 said...

Sleep has been my friend lately. I haven't had to search hard for it. I have been fortunate, but I certainly understand the want for a good night's sleep. I hope it finds you soon. I'll send him your way.

MrsPeel said...

Roban: yes, stage was my carrier, only in those times, in South America (well, like any other place in the world really) the money wasn't enough most times, even working in 3 bars a night I had to do something else to meet rent, food and clothing, the vans to get the instruments to the venue we paid with the musicien, but still...
So in the first few years I was also studying (in seciondary school) and had another day job, then I had a time in which I was recording jingles (TV and radio singing adverts) and playing in clubs or doing a musical and that was enough, also when we toured to vacation spots where tourists would make the pay be stronger...but as I wanted always to travel a lot, I would get another job to afford all I wanted to do....

Yes, I know that would make a brilliant Scrapblog.
Unfortunately, I only have a few pictures which my mum and relatives kept... I mentioned a couple of times I had a problem with drug dependency at certain point in my life.
Also I was a bit of a gypsy and moved around a lot, and in one of my flats when living in Rio, a girl who came to syat a few days robbed me of everything whilst I was in University... I came back to find that she had taken everything,only not the fridge and the cooker, the bed also was too heavy, but all the rest she took... and the 100 U$ that I had hidden in photo albums to pay my bills....
I reckon she took all the albums to have more time to search for more money...
I will try to get something together though.
At the moment I m trying to scan to do a SB of all sarita s life to print a book, and even that, which I have all photos in albums is proven to be complicated, I have to scan, the scanner is on the other computer, the PC is old, takes ages to load....
anyway, I ve written another bible, I'm of LOL

Annemarie: Thanks, you did actually sent it my way, as I slept like an angel the night before last!!!!