Thursday, 12 February 2009

Nothing happens by chance....

.. coincidence is not a word I use much.

I'm convinced, saw this through my many years alive in this planet, that everything, each and every little thing, all has a reason, and the energy in which our lives flows is like a chain of events. Everything fits, it's just we sometimes don't look deep enough, but lets get on with the actual events.

Sarita had a parents evening last night
I was pleased to receive, not only a letter through the post, but also a phone call from the head of year, letting me know that they had provided a room for me, so I wouldn't have to move about and queue to talk to each teacher.
It may have to do with the fact that, for the last progress review day, in which I was having a horrible pain wise day, had to climb 2 floors of stairs on my crutches, and complaint (to say loudly would be an understatement) to all who wanted to hear (and the ones who did not too) also about the zillions of parents coming in by car, when they live just around the corner, to hell with being green, is it?
complaining works.
In this country though, you have to be wise as to the actual way of complaining.
In some cases the shouting and moaning in an almost bullying way fits, in others you wont get not even a second look and, in my very case, they would stay with the *bloody foreigners* idea for (at least) a week.

The whole thing couldn't have been better.
Not only I sat there listening to all these brilliant (the ones I know Sarita adores) and not so brilliant (the ones she hardly mentions and when she does is to say that *she can't teach, poor soul*) but nice teachers telling me how great, amazing, gifted, talented and well behaved my child is, but also how all these is My Doing. YaY Me!!!!
(well, we wouldn't want some false modesty, would we?)

Then we had this talk about net, the kids and net use, safety, what to do, what not to do, you know the drift.
In this I was also left with the feeling of blessing with my (by now I should call her Super) child, my beautiful daughter.
Apparently every other parent in the room has problems getting the kid off the computer, and they have no clue what the kids actually do in their machines.
I was so, so, so proud to be able to speak up to answer that nope, we do not have a game console at home and comment on the fact that, every site Sarita joins or every person she speaks or any new things she finds, she makes a point of sharing with me.
Also as a solution for getting the kids away from the computer the Task Force lady suggested that parents need to find something other than machines for the kids to do.... and here, again, my pride could almost be seen , so bright it was, when I spoke up to answer that Sarita does not even logs on every day, when she logs on is never for more than a couple of hours, half of which we are together (mainly dressing up dollies) and to present a numbered list of my child's outside school activities.....

A brilliant evening, only to crown the earlier events....
Had another sleepless night a couple of days ago, only this one was not to do with medication or pain or insomnia, but with my internet connection falling constantly precisely when I had to finish a college essay.
Stressed and almost angered, I spoke to my providers, who are now called Virgin Media but something tells me the only thing they have of Virgin is the name. I doubt that Branson would run an enterprise so badly organized.

Anyway: first phone call, nice guy, but when I'm getting there, my (bloody!) cordless phone runs out of battery.
Familiar with this *problem* I go get the lounge's phone and call again.
This time the guy wasn't so nice, and did not have the patience to wait for my PC (the other computer to which the modem is attached to) to start, he wanted to finish the call and kept telling me they do not offer advice for Mac users and that the problem was my Mac and....... I'm not gonna relate all, but lets say I put the phone down elegantly, and promising him I would contact customer services with his name.
When my PC was up and running, I called again.
And the first guy picks up... great.
He helped me sorting it by changing the router's channel, but suggesting that, would this happen again, to connect an ethernet cable to the back of the Mac.... he assured me it would work, and offered more advice even:
"do not go to PC World, go to your local shop, it'll be cheaper"
to what I said I wont do neither, but post it on ...yes... Freecycle.
and that's what I did, though I thought it was a long shot, as I needed 15 meters.
Here I was to amaze myself once again: within an hour of my posting, two people answered.
Then a third.
This third was a lady,the only one who knew she had 15 m or more (the others weren't sure about the length) but she also offered to drop it of. MY oh My. God bless Freecycle.

But the chain of events does not finish here.
She comes.
She is rheumatoid arthritis sufferer.
She has 4 children, and, within the conversation, with all the naturally I never attribute to the Brits, she tells me:
"I'm gay, I'm very happy now in a lesbian relationship"
and then she tells me she is an artist, and she has co-founded a group of women artists, and, well...
nothing could be better at this time in my life.

I could have chosen any of the 5 people (two others wrote after her too) to get the ethernet from.
I even started writing back to the first, and, for some reason, that little voice in my head told me to save it in the drafts and wait, someone may be on the sure of having more than 12 meters, someone would be even nearer than his location....
My net is beautifully working with the (almost 20 meters!) of ethernet attached to the back of the Mac.
I spent another night awake, only this one has been one of total pleasure, almost pain free.
I finished my college essay.
I produced even more Scrapblogs.
I dealt with everything I had to deal online. I woke Sarita up with a coffee (she loves it when this happens, as usually is her waking me up), we had breakfast, chat about the teachers, about the geography they are studying, she got ready, I decided to be good and keep a record of all this.
I wonder if I can get a company to print my Vox...
I thought I could sit and print page by page,then I realized I started in 2006.... wow, time runs when you are having fun

Thanks to everyone who have mailed me or messaged me to sympathize with my pain: your words, even the tiniest one, is a bit more of a pain killer.
Now I should get some sleep, as we want to go to the National Portrait Gallery later, and I cannot be spaced out for that. I'll try.

Now, to all who tagged me in Facebook or in Vox and I did not face the challenge, I apology-se. Also my apology for not being able to keep up with everyone's blogs, it's just that I start going through,get on to comment, sleeps starts to kill me or there is life calling.....
but here I answered to the Random Things tagging thing, so, if still interested, is here.
if you are REALLY interested, open it in full screen, or you wont be able to read.
The following SBs are stuff I made for Sarita and I, we are gonna have some books printed, and, in some cases I was so glad I kept the blog in Vox, as I was able to retrieve the posts to copy into the collage....
Ok, so, if you are still there, enjoy!
If you aren't, it doesn't matter, I know I talk too much!!!!

hahahahahaha I just realized I had posted the 20 things already...oh well!!!!

there are a few more, but you know what to do, only go to my SB page.
To my famiily
Los quiero muchismo,
Adoro vcs

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Fly Girl said...

So much joy flowing into your life right now! In spite of pain and sleeplessness, good things still happen..... How wonderful it must have been to talk to Sarita's teachers and hear all of the good things they had to say about both of you! It does make a mom proud to have someone else recognize how good your child has turned out. I'm with you about the games, too. We actually have a game system, but it hasn't been used in a year or more. She has a handheld that she takes on trips, but she rarely uses it at home, either. (Her weeknights are spent on homework, so there's little time for anything else anyway!)

So, how was the National Portrait Gallery?