Tuesday, 5 January 2010

The start of something new....

should always be a wonderful thing, though not always happens that way, it has not been too bad for me this last year.
If I discard physical pain from my checking list, most was good.
Some difficulties are part of life, and I have learned to make them less difficult by applying the laws of the Simple Abundance.
I bought the book, which I didn't know existed, but still have not had time to read it.
Well, in total honesty, I do have the time, just choose to do other things like, yes, guessed it: scrapping.
(I'm reading a Reginald Hill Dazliel & Pascoe book, but that is taking me a while too, my library fines are such that I cannot renew online anymore LOL)
I assume this: scrapping is an addiction.
But hey: better than alcohol or drugs, right?

[back after a brief interval in which we ate, looked at the blanket of snow outside, I gathered my pictures for Sarita's 6th year Scrapblog and took photos of the photos, looked for the very few photo CDs we have of that time(no digital, remember?) and ate a bit more]

So, my year in a few words?
Not bad, I have to say.
Like I said, forgetting the physical pain, no much complaints, after all, we travelled, we bought a new computer, a new camera, and had some very nice people staying over...
But my year can be mainly described by my scrapping, this is most definitely what I have chosen to do and, if you take into account that I can do it from my bed, is a great, very effective pain relief which keeps me on minimum dosage of opiates, being a creative thing I'm embracing and happily assuming my addiction.

As Scrapblog.com started to get a bit unaffordable, I ended up buying two new programs, ScrapbookMax and Digital Scrapbooking Artist from Serif.
Both good programs,though the Serif one has its trouble when importing too many files or trying to make digikits...
I have reviewed SBM in Creative Spirits (and am not sure but I think I did here too) and the Serif DSA review will be up shortly.
But would like to point out to the closing of The French Frog digital store, the sale is amazing with kits from 1.38 Euros to 2.10 for full, amazing kits, many of them with alphas, plus freebies.
Thing is, The French Frog is Digital Crea France, so we wont be missing the designers, but the sale is amazing and is stuff which is going to retire from Digital Crea....

Someone who deserves a mention is Rosemarie from Pixel Scrapbooking. This young mum of three boys has a passion only matched by mine for scrapbooking, only she is a LOT more wise in technology,and you will be delighted to know that she gives free stuff every day, no sale at all, at least I haven't seen anything for sale at her page. She also gives tutorials and general tips in scrapbooking digitally.

Another mention should go to Michelle of Crafty Scraps (aka Wolvsie35 for ScrapbookMax users)
This is a very gifted lady who also is always giving away the most amazing kits, but I have spoken about her here before.

There are so many people who offer freebies or very cheap kits, it would be impossible to mention each and every one, but I will try make the post I promised sometime.

I have made amazing so many friends through the scrapping, most of them very far away on the other side of the pond, but the net makes them be closer than some of our *real life* friends.

I have some news which I would like to write down with time and now I'm starting a new year book for Sarita, will leave it for tomorrow so I can concentrate in relating the facts properly.

To each and every one of the people who have been with us one way or another through 2009, thanks so much,your presence always brightened our days.


McMGrad89 said...

Happy New Year! Nice post.

Roban said...

You are amazing me with your scrapbooking! I am way behind and need to check out these sites/kits you've talked about.

Stay warm!

mas de mi que de... lirio said...

Lo que se dice entender pues no entiendo un pepino jajajja pero que alegría ver las fotos y sentirlas mas cerca!!!
Luego paso y uso al dios google para que me traduzca la pagina.
Las quiero con toda mi alma.

Feliz 2010!

mucho mas de mi que de...lirio