Thursday, 18 March 2010

Returning to pen & paper....

Credit to Connie Prince's BeeHappy @ Gotta Pixel what I have been doing, these past three weeks of anxiety and uncertainty.
In case you don't know what I'm talking about, you can find out by clicking here to read my previous post.
But better let the images speak:

We bought this before all the hospital thing, when we went to the Identity exhibition at the Wellcome Collection.
I don't normally buy things in shops like this, but it seemed reasonably priced(£12) and it was the last of its kind in the shelves. Not only I thought the book had my name written on it, but I had just read a post from my friend Annemarie about Moleskin books and also found (again, thanks to Annemarie, the wonder woman) Marit's blog about Zentangling.
Having *Zentagled* (posh, modern way to refer to *doodle*?) since 1970, I could not resist to have a go now, this seemed the perfect book for it.

I wanted to be away from the computer, blogging about this issue somehow did not seem right, so in between writings I started to let my mind go and these are some of the things I enjoyed making:

I used BeeYond Happy by Cherie Shields @ GottaPixel

Credit to Creations by Rachael, also @ Gotta Pixel, kit Love My Boys.

bits & pieces from Digital Crea France's designers, Pouyou,Choubinette,Moi, Chriscrap
these and the next couple of pages are photos taken with flash,I'm experimenting to see the best way to create elements for scrapbooking from this kind of stuff.

I put the paper together (background) the bits are from Mary's Mixes and string and staples from Digital Crea freebies.
Alpha by Connie Prince @ GottaPixel.

background paper and alpha from LoveMyBoys, CreationsByRachael @ Gotta Pixel.
The rest is Isabel Mendez's Aghata kit, also @ Gotta Pixel

As you can see, Sarita loved this thing so much she added her collaboration
Faery from Chriscrap's Far Away,frayed fabric from Droopette's around the World, heart, string of clouds and bow from Choubinette's Still Loving you, all @ Digital Crea.
Dymo alpha from Gunhill Storeide.

So, there, this is what I have been up to.
I know I can't be compared to Marit not in a million years,but not only has helped me relaxing and at the same time creating, but also has given me another thing we share a passion with my daughter...and that is a wonderful experience.
So, as the text in the first image says, I have found more than one good side to all the stress and anxiety they put me through the past few weeks, and showed me once again that the ones who are there for us are always there...they aren't many, but sure are first quality, amazing friends.

Thanks to all of you who came over to comment in my previous post, I have felt beautifully your presence over this whole thing,and its great to see that people are willing to make an effort to leave a comment here too :)


McMGrad89 said...

Totally awesome my friend. Oops! I forgot I am not a Valley Girl anymore. LOL

I love it. Yes, zentangling is just a newfangled word, but it adds "credibility" to something we enjoy doing. I suppose.

I love how you used your doodles to create you digi pages. Thanks for sharing and for mentioning me and Marit.

Anonymous said...

Oh wow... what a gorgeous little book you bought and how you use it is not only "freeing" and getting your mind off of trouble, it's also fantastic what you and your daughter are doing!!! I'm glad I got you into zentangling these days!!! Thanks for the shout out (you made me blush dear!) and have a good weekend!!!

Anonymous said...

I think that these latest creations are my most favorite of all. Not only do I like them aesthetically, but they strike me as the most expressive of who you are and what you are experiencing deep inside. It is like you have allowed your art to reach within and reveal your spirit to the sunlight. You have just succeeded in proving that "scrapbooking" can attain the level of "fine art".

MrsPeel said...
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