Monday, 1 March 2010

To take my mind out of Chile's earthquake....

Fisherman of Dreams kit by Choubinette
I bought it a couple of days ago on the 1Euro sale, unfortunately I just saw it's gone back to the 3.90 Euros price.

The Enchanted World, freebie they had going on until yesterday, in lots of parts, by Ptitesouris,StarlightDesigns,Marta Designs, Dydige, Genedes, Choukette & Chouk77. This is mainly Chouck77 but some elements from the others.
All of them @ Digital Crea France

I got busy with these.
Not only it is scary the fact that the world is vertiginously going into natural disasters mode, that this thought of my not seeing the end of the world doesn't seem so real now, the fear for the state of affairs my child is inheriting....but also my brother lives in Ushuaia, Tierra del Fuego, which is the very end of the south of America, and not so far from Chile...

700 deaths last time I looked (early this morning)
If we put it together with Haiti, Middle East devastation and...well, all other sad situations we have come to,live with lately...every little ache & pain of mine, every worry I can have for anything, anything at all feels dwarfed.

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chouk77 said...

Wow thank you very much !!!!

I'm very happy to see all LO with my kits. & yours are fantastics !