Saturday, 6 March 2010

Status Update....

I have to admit I am in no mood to write, but I have proved to myself many times that this helps.
And also to keep you up to date with events...but will be brief.(well, I can but try!)

When I went back to hospital on thursday, they STILL didn't have the results of my mammogram done at the health centre.
Something the surgeon who examined me found may have alerted them, so they decided to risk the budget and repeat the mammogram, but only on the left side.
Then they ultrasound me.....or should I say *knitted my left breast like some pizza dough*?
After some 20 minutes of this skquessh and squash, he tells me (not ask me) he will do a *couple* of biopsies.

He assured me this procedure is almost painless, that the anesthesia would probably hurt more than the actual procedure.
How would you know, I say.
He starts trying to explain to which my reaction,through a curtain of tears and hiccuping,was, in my best authority accent
*you are not a girl and have no boobies*
(I swear I could see a faint forming of a smile there)
*well yes, you are probably right ion that one*

He was right on the painless.
Even when he warned me as to: * this maybe a bit more painful, ok?* it wasn't, really.
Not to the levels of pain I am used to 24/7, but maybe (and only maybe) the high dose of Tramadol Hydrochloride I permanently have in my body helped.
He did warn me about the anesthesia wearing of in 4 hours and to brace myself then.
He also warned about the bruising and swelling, but instructed to leave the bandaging (which resembles the akenatom's) until tomorrow.

Results next thursday.
All good will actions most welcome.
Have a great weekend.


Roban said...

I'm glad you're getting seen about.... I've read about your trials and tribulations lately with health care and though I was rushed and couldn't always respond, my thoughts were with you. So you've had the biopsies and are awaiting results? That's the worst part, isn't it? I had a biopsy a few years ago, but it turned out okay. Let us know as soon as you hear something.

Kaz said...

Hey u, just looked in to see how you are...I hope you get your results soon hun and that all is ok..thinking of you, Hugs, Kaz xxxxx