Saturday, 10 July 2010

The Sweetest thing.....

...just happened to me this week.
Look at this:

this I made with the latest release by SweetDigiScraps by Liz, Set Adrift, available to buy now @ Gotta Pixel's store, just click HERE to buy
and then there is these

made with Get Your Eyes Checked, also by SweetDigiScraps by Liz, you can click HERE to get to the store again.

so yes, I have to confess I thought for a bit before answering this CT call, after all, the women already in this team are like the Da Vincis or Michelangelos of the scrap world to me... I was over the moon when I got the mail, which incidentally, I almost deleted, as it started like those *I'm gonna turn you down, sorry* email, kinda: *we have received so many wonderful galleries, we were overwhelmed* thing, so I had to read twice to be sure that the rest of the line was *and are pleased to tel, you yours was on the top ones, so we would like to extend the invite to join the team* .
I'm more than pleased.
So, it's celebrating time at the Taylor Girls household, Sarita won the competition of the local Big Dance event with the Dreams family (her after school dance group) even though they only heard it was a competition 15 minutes before performing, so we are both in celebration mood...

I also have the Alpha in the Victoria & Albert Museum LO to give away if you buy the kit, so, if you do buy it, message me @ Gotta Pixel and I will get it to you in no time :)
Now I promise to give some attention to all of your blogs, especially you Marit!!!!! tomorrow for sure :)


kimmerbean said...

You are such a talented scrapper and most certainly deserve to be a part of such a great CT. Congratulations!

Anonymous said...

Congrats my dearies.... to both of you!!!! It's great to be seen and appreciated, and you totally deserve it!! And I smiled when I saw my name pop up at the end of the post... you're such a faithful friend!! I'm glad I found you!