Wednesday, 14 July 2010

Something about my passion for photography

I'm shutter happy, always have been.
Maybe because I couldn't walk up to the age of 5 (in case youjust stumble upon this and don't know me, I was born with a double hip dislocation and doctors insisted I wouldn't be able to walk, but my parents were the loving and stubborn kind: I had 9 operations up to the age of 8, and started walking aged 5, never stopped until the British NHS decided to give me a hip replacement in 2003, followed by other 4 operations which failed in fixing what they did in the first) but my passion for all things artsy, being that the visual or the performing arts started very, very early.
BUt we are talking pre-digital times (VERY pre digital!)
And thinking about photography as a career was something one couldn't do, unless money was flowing, which, though we were middle class, in my case was not really an option.
If you think about the money we spent in those days just to develop films...well...
But I got given a camera by one of my dad's brothers, who also gave me my first guitar, and taking photos was as important as breathing...though I lost LOTS of photos through my gipsy life, careless *friends* and my own irresponsibility, I still got the joy of my mum keeping some treasures.
Though my daughter was born before digital cameras were something one would have at hand, we documented her life pretty well, which took me into digi scrapping and where I am now...
I was so, so excited when I saw Liz's new was like made to don't be surprised if lots of pages start coming up with this just one of the most amazing kits I have seen in my years in digi-land.
Someone suggested I could start an *all about me* book with my LOs, and I may do just that.
Have a look at the Gotta Pixel gallery to see what the rest of the Sweeties have created, and have a look at Liz's store there too...she has always fascinated me with her kits (she is probably the one I should thank for me being where I am, as it was through a freebie of hers I arrived in the forums) because the material is so versatile that you can create amazing variety of is a quick peak at what the Sweeties have made.

you can get this kit HERE, there is also some AWESOME word art by just as awesome Danyale HERE, and a cool alpha HERE.

I'll be back soon!


Anonymous said...

Another "old school photograph lover"... I could have known it! Yep, me too. Back in the old days, with my dad. We were the photographers in da house, developing our own films... in the "dark room" (which was the kitchen) I have good memories (and a lot of photos!) and still can almost smell the "devoloping fluid" (what's it called in English?) You made great layouts but your story got the memories flowing and started of my ramblings... is it too long a comment? Sorry...

Flohbock said...

wow... it´s a great kit and a wondeful page! I like it... I also love photograph..... ;o)
g manuela

Michelle said...

Hey girly girl!
Long time no type, lol. Life has been very crazy with too many downs, and not enough ups so I buried my head in the sand. Well, I'm coming back out!!! LOL
You are probably wondering, who the heck is this crazy woman....It's Michelle from Life in the Autoimmune Lane =)
You have been in my thoughts and heart even though I fell off of the digital/internet world. I am so happy to hear you have been picked to be on an amazing team!!! Woo Hooo!!! Great news. I am getting back online and getting into scrapping again. I didn't really stop, I would think about it constantly, lol. I decided to make an art journal and it is a creative process that is fun and also gives you an inside look at yourself. And you can mess up all you want because it's basically for your eyes instead of scrapping pages for posterity.
OK, I could ramble on forever, but I wanted to stop by and let you know that you are remembered and loved, and I hope that you are doing well!!

Bernie said...

I LOVE this page! Very art-journally! Something I'd quite like to start experimenting with I think!!
Thanks for the inspiration!
Bernie x

Everyday Mom Ideas said...

I love that page! Im actualy working on my next free digital scrapbooking kit its a romance kit with a vintage flare, and this page is inspiring me!

Anonymous said...

Are you OK dear one???

Michelle said...

Hey sweetie,
I"m just coming off of yet another sicktime and come over to see you and I see you have not posted in quite a while. You are in my prayers amiga doce (did i say that right?) I hope that this blog break is for good and you are having fun. Drop me a line when you can, I do care and think of you often!