Monday, 5 July 2010

Discovering America

Hey guys..long time no see...
I don't seem to have much time to update my blog unless is to show you my CT work....well, lets say these are not the easiest of times, with my daughter growing into a young lady (14 years old, going on 24!) and despite the friendship and love....well, I was a teenager once (probably a lot more of a headache to my parents than she is to me) so I know I need to take one day at the time...only sometimes one does not have much energy to write things down....thank God for scrapping.

So, Karen has a new (wonderful!) kit available, and the kit touches one subject I always like making a point at: the American thing....because I am an American too, right?
I maybe from the South, but American nevertheless :)
So, here are the pages I made with it, some more coming up.
The kit is available now @ DigitalDesignDen and @ DigiScrapsDriveIn
There are super saving with the bundle & biggie bundle in both stores.
Be sure to go to her blog, not only to see the rest of the CT work (amazing!!!!!!!!!!) but also to get your freebie :)

I have some other good news, so I maybe posting soon, thanks for popping in and apologies for not having much time to go see your blogs, the ones of you who have teenagers I m sure will understand, but will catch up soon, thanks for your visit!

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Anonymous said...

I DO understand. A LOT THESE WEEKS!!! Oh my, sweet son has graduated and is partying ever since - feeling mature overnight (uh-huh - but being mature means you have to think about your family too and sometimes suck in the ego - right?)

It will pass (I hope...!!!)
I hope things will smoothen (is that the word? ah you know what I mean) for both you and me. Have a relaxed and peaceful summer, dear!!!