Friday, 5 February 2010

This St Patrick thing..... something that, until a couple of years,only meant to me something about people going to the pubs in London to drink themselves legless on Guinness. It was only mentioned very lightly that had something to do with the Irish by my ex husband, who would complain about foreigners to me, the foreignest of the foreigners..but lets leave it there, shall we?
There is a reason why ex husbands are exes, and, after all, I enjoyed 10 of our 12 years together very much.

When I came into the scrapping world, was never drawn to make a St Paddy's LO, if you look at my Scrapblogs you'll find none, but when Katie & Karen showed me what they have done for the holiday, Katie the kit, Karen with her marvelous word art...I couldn't resist, so here are a couple of pages I made with it.
Don't forget to scroll to the end of the page to get your Love You freebie, day7, whilst you are there, I show you some pages I made with that kit in the end of this post, but lets have a look at St Paddy's and what this means. First, my pages. The kit is called Lucky and I'm hoping some of the Irish luck will come our way!

Click HERE to buy the kit, remember EVERYTHING at Katie's store is U$1.50, and, though I like my LOs lately to be on the simple side, the kit has LOTS & lots of marvelous stuff.

there is also the Freebie Love You, day 7 for grabs there, here is something I made with her Love You kit and Karen's (SnickerdoodleDesingsByKaren word at:

Last but not least...I decided to go in search of knowledge to get the real meaning of St Patrick's, which I (more or less) found HERE
I'll surely be back with more, as there is Karen's kit coming up and I have seen the preview already and awwwwwwww, irresistible!
Stayed tune for that and an update on why I came to the conclusion that parents and their offspring should be separated during said offspring teenage years....
Have a great weekend!


McMGrad89 said...

You did it! You added your personal background to your blog. Congratulations.

Regarding St. Patrick's Day: We celebrate it by wearing green (no drinking) because my mother and aunt were raised by Irish Catholic nuns when their father decided his new wife was more important. It was hard time for them (much like the Irish,) but if weren't for those nuns and the good education they provided my mother, there's no telling where she would have ended.

For this reason, my mom and her sister enjoy a little corned beef and cabbage every year in March.

MrsPeel said...

oh.. I know now it's a Catholic Chruch thing, that's why I posted the Wikipedia link, and I bleieve the Irish give it a religious connotation, but years ago, the only thing that hinted St Patrick's day here were advertising in the pubs and talks of drinking and Guinness...they center a lot in drinking here in the UK..
Funny thing I never heard of this holiday before, as it says in Wikipedia that it iscelebrated in Argentina, but I guess the only thing that I linked to anything English spoken was Patagonia, the ownership of land and, of course, the Malvinas (or Falklands as they call them here)
I have to say that I debated myself when I heard that Karen was making a St Paddy's kit, because I never liked the theme, but couldn't resist this!
had a tough day yesterday was good to relax making these.
Can you open rar files?
I met a Brazilian girl who lives in Japan, she is a designer and has a cute frebie kit, if you can de compact rars, I ll show you where to go :)
I can't, I need to download the software,can't find it for free, remember I found it a while ago, but now I only find the paid one :( (stuffit, is called)