Monday, 1 February 2010


...seems to be following me once again.
Alright, alright, I know I'm tired, I have had no sleep at all in the past 30 something hours, but the events of today have more to do with technology (and my inability to deal with it at times) than sleep deprivation.

First, I wanted to shout to the world about this program I have been using, the DigitalScrapbookArtist by Serif but, just as I was getting the know how of it, they come up with an upgrade. I had this feeling like, I'm not ready for going further, but these very, very nice people at the Serif Forums convinced me, so I did.
What the program can do is awesome.
If only it didn't froze or crash every couple of hours with no pattern, sense or apparent reason.
I know, I know. New programs, need erasing and polishing a bit. OK, no probs, I have the old version (which to me is no oldie, really, just bought it what? a month ago?)

The root of all my distress is in trying to produce a background for this blog and, yes, I finally got it together: my Portuguese Blog. Though if I wasn't posting enough in this or my other English one, where on earth am I gonna find inspiration, time, and brain to do it, none knows.....
I was happy to produce a blog banner, then went to seek help with the One and Only, the so good at multitasking and wonderful friend that is Mommy Victory, though you may know her better as McMGrad89

Up to then everything was great,(I'm sure you noticed I changed the background to one of the cutest that the cutest has to offer) but I got tempted to attempt my own...sure thing sounded easy.

Photobucket does not like me.
Or is the the CutestBlog On The Block?
I don't think so. I reckon is just plain technology alert and sleep deprivation do not go well together.

I tried and tried.
Never mind, now my eyes are sleepy and my child need to get to bed (plus I should be translating this to Portuguese, but will have to wait...
Here is what I produced as background

the banner is up in the blog, you can get there by clicking HERE
I'm contemplating the possibility of spending a few days away from the computer and other electrical devices, if such is possible. Right now, I'm gonna go sleep!


McMGrad89 said...

Get some sleep. I know that is easy for me to say, but try. It always looks better with a fresh pair of eyes. I like the background you picked for your original blog. Best wishes with the new one.

Kaz said...

This is fab, I have had a go, but cant get to grips with it Cynthia xx