Saturday, 30 January 2010

That's why the lady is a ....Bug!

Or a bird, depending in which country you are reading.
But also you need to know your Frank (Sinatra) or Aretha (Franklin) to know what I'm talking about.
Thing is, I just want to show you these I made with the new Digital Scrapbooking Artist by Serif, an upgrade to the program that promises to be just what one works wonderful so far, but, as with any new versions of these kind of programs, it crashes a bit, so I took a rest and wanted to share these with the world.

I told you before about the opening of JustSoScrappyToo the store two of my favorite designer ladies teamed up to make a success..well, you can get this kit over there for the amazing price of U$1.50 (like every other kit in the store, there is nothing priced over U$1.50) and lots, lots and lots more freebies.
In UK terms this means a mere £1.
If you consider that these days a minimum bus ticket in the capital is over that worth it, isn't it?

This photos are from the week just gone,Sarita & Melissa git together for a sleepover as they had a special dressing up day in school, and I took Sarita for her so much awaited hair cut. I wanted to finish this book with a page showing you my daughter's love for the hairs straighteners,but the DSA2 froze before I could finish it.
I may still post it later as this program is really good at recovering unsaved work,but couldn't wait to show you these.

I have also been writing a bit more (slowly and taking care of not feeling under pressure) and I have written a review of Smilebox & Scrapblog for those who are on the search of the perfect scrapping tool, and will be writing about ScrapbookMax & Digital Scrapbooking Artist 1 & 2 versions soon.
The first two reviews were done for Rosemarie of PixelScrapbooking , if you don't yet know the site, she has the cutest freebies and posts very often, as well as amazing tutorials. I will be writing about Pixel Scrapbooking soon, but meanwhile you can read the reviews here
and here

If you subscribe to her newsletter, you wont even need to o anything but click on the links in her emailed newsletter to get the freebies, otherwise you will be loosing on some, as some of the downloads are for friends who subscribe and are passworded.
Subscribe and you'll get the password every time.

And to finish talking about freebies, you may have noticed I included another link today. This site is by Liliana, aka Malacima, called Just For Fun. well, not only she has fun in style, but also shares ALL her amazing creativity with us, her kits are amazing.
I made a page with her My Birthday Gift kit, she invited me to make a page with her latest freebie, A Secret Garden.
You can find both my page and the freebie kit here and bookmark her or come back here and click in her link at the right hand side in my blog.

So, with the JustSoScrappyToo , PixelScrapbooking and JustForFun we have stuff to scrap to our hearts content.
Have a great weekend!


McMGrad89 said...

Pretty pages.

You know when I was VERY little I remember calling them ladybirds, but don't remember when we started calling them ladybugs. Strange. Maybe I was originally English and switched at a young age with an American girl?? :-)

MrsPeel said...

LOL Annemarie...that would be sooo cool!!!
when I was little I was always dreaming I had a story like that, or that I was gonna be send to a family very far away and...well, overactive imagination...

I saw a comment in the Serif Forums, that's why I made the difference. We call them Little Johannas
*Johaninhas* in Portuguese, not sure what they are called in Spanish

miruspeg said...

Lots of great information in this post Cynthia and of course it goes without saying that I love the photo pages you have included with the post.

We call them Ladybirds here in Australia and everytime I see one I remember the rhyme.

"Ladybird, ladybird fly away home,
Your house is on fire and your children are all alone."

I really believed that I was sending that ladybird home to her children......I still do!

Peggy xxxx

McMGrad89 said...

Well, I had to look it up. Just couldn't help myself. LOL

Mariquita is ladybug in Spain. In Mexico they call them catarina.

Now you know.

McMGrad89 said...

PS - I left you a little blog award. Stop by and get it.

camilyn said...


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