Sunday, 10 January 2010

Let me introduce you.... amazing, hugely talented lady called Karen Schulz.
You may know her from her previous blog and her store at, as MyOwnFont by Karen, yes, she is that wonderful lady who designed the most amazing word art you have ever seen, not just pure words, but lots of art surrounding it. In case you still don't recognize her, I am posting here some of what I have done with her brilliant work.

So wonderfully gifted is this lady, that she got me to do what I had been reluctant (and very successful in NOT doing it) to do: buy from Gotta Pixel. It was seeing her baking kit, A Pinch of This, a Dash of That, and falling so much in love with it I couldn't wait to start what I had been threatening to do for almost a year: my recipe book for Sarita, my daughter.
I also bought another couple of kits, and one from Bella Gypsy also on the cooking theme, nice (and cheap as they were on a sale) but not even starting to compare to Karen's kit.
A day or so after I bought these kits, I got a couple of mails, one from BellaGypsy and one from Karen, thanking me for the purchase and, in Karen's case, inviting me to visit her new blog.
Though I thought at the time this was an automated response, I found that to be a nice touch, and put the emails aide instead of deleting them, with intentions to answer and saying so.

So magically lead is crazy world of ours, or maybe just God watching for me guided my hands and thoughts like it happens often with me, that I answered to Bella Gypsy the week after but, for some strange reason, I left Karen's email unanswered.

Then the end of the year was near and I wanted to clean my inbox, so I did, and for (again, maybe not so) strange reason I also made a comment about my reluctancy towards GottaPixel, giving her a bit of *customer feedback*... I think I did this because I felt that someone who created pieces of art such as hers (people may think scrapbooking is a *minor* art, if an art at all, but I do know well, this is no child game) deserved all my honesty and, to my surprise, here came her reply almost on the spot.

We started a beautiful communication (well, if you know me, you know I talked her to death LOL) I showed her what I had done with her kits, and after a couple of days of chatting and exchanging histories, thoughts and info...well, I know this will sound taki and ..well... you know, but this is true: it felt like we had been chatting for an eternity, that I knew this woman for ages.

But (as I have had very little sleep and still have visitors from abroad at home) you don't want me to talk you to death too.
What may interest you is that she invited me to work in her Creative Team, which means you (because I know you luff us!!!!) will be going to visit her blog and, of course, her space at her new store and watching out for more news.

I will bring her blinkie in as soon as my mind can do more than try to spell reasonably and put thoughts together , but for the time being, here at your right hand are the links to her amazing blog and the store.

The names to remember are Snickerdoodle Designs by Karen and TheScrapProfessor, but promise to come with more detailed info and show you my work with her marvelous creations.
I know already there are a lot of you who will be fascinated by her Cookies & Tea kit, I have created a few pages with it and had the time of my, there, what are you waiting for?

Promise to come update my life events soon, but with the snow fall in London adding to my already recluse status, not much to report (well, I have just given you some wonderful news, haven't I?)
Oh, almost forgot, with all the excitement: I have published my Sarita's 6th year scrapblog after many stressful adventures and hair pulling episodes, so I'll probably be coming to talk about that at certain point too.
Energy levels are low right now so I'll say goodbye for now (another sleepless night behind me, and tomorrow sarita NEEDS to go to school!) with a big smile and a huge hugg to all for 2010.

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Roban said...

How exciting for you to be a part of her creative team! You're perfect to be involved with it.... I'll definitely be visiting her sites and hopefully will find some time for creative fun soon!