Thursday, 21 January 2010

More Valentines & a freebie

So, here are my other Valentines,one of them with some dear friends of mine, to find a bit more inspiration.
These LOs were made with ScrapbookMax V 2.0, which I like a lot but I'm afraid it looses points when compared to what the DSA can do, especially if you are on Parallels (on iMac) like me. Still like working with it, the screen is bigger, no need to scroll up n down as much as I do with DSA...their prices are way too high when it comes to kits I stick my loyalties to these other will see JustSoScrappy has everything at U$1.50, which come sto a mere £1 to us...go check them out after looking at these :)
The kit & WordArt, by Katie Castillo & Karen Schulz respectively, you can find by clicking in the links in the right hand side or just by cliking here and here
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