Friday, 22 January 2010

LOve is All We Need!!!

I have always said that.
Over & over again, love will heal, bring back a smile to your face, make days more beautiful and, at times, bearable.
And I'm talking here about all kind of love, not just the Valentine one which is now in the air...
We even contemplated the possibility of becoming a foster family at some point last year, it did not happen because of burocracy & ridiculous laws, which end up depriving children of it (love)...but that will be the subject of a much longer post.

Love is All We Need is the new Valentine kit by SnickerdoodleDesignsByKaren , on sale now at the ScrapProfessor store, with discount.
Though I haven't had a good experience with the site (I had huge problems to post LOs, contacted the owner 3 or 4 days agio and I am STILL waiting for a reply) the kit is well worth it. Yes, I know, the store does not price kits the way we like it....they are no Digital Crea and certainly have not the heart of PixelScrapbooking or Cajoline (who give us everything for free), but is discounted at U$4, and if you look at the contents, it's worth the money.
Karen has includeed 3 (three!!!) Alphas, all with upper, lower cases & numbers & simbols....apart from the most delightful elements & much that I have not included in these LO's not even a quarter of what the kit brings....

So, here is what I have done with it as soon as I could (meaning when Sarita gave up to tiredness and called me to put her to 20:00hs!!! wow, that's a record!):

There will be more coming, there is also another LO I ve made earlier today with the Word Art & kit from the previous post, will come back with time to show you that because is HR image and now I need to finish some chores...yes, I stil have a life, and quiet a full one, outside this computer...can you believe that?
Ihave edited this because I got to make two more LOs.
One is because there are a lot of people who (like me) don't have and are not even thinking on the Valentine coupley love, but have another subject of their attention to, why not show it? and pet's scraps are always the same so...I thought this would make a different thing...after all, Love Is Really All We Need!, no matter where or whom it comes from if it is in harmony with our hearts.
The second one is to show you that, even if you are a fan of quick pages, this kit has everything: the other LO is purely a background and a cluster frame from the kit, only thing I did was stick my photos & write a bit of text...gotta love that frame!!!
OK, now I'm really, REALLY of! LOL


Karen said...

Ahhhh..... these are ALL so very cute!!!!! Love your take on the kit!

Rosemarie said...

You put that kit to good use :)

Roban said...

These are gorgeous pages!